Goodyear Website, Etc.


As the sole copywriter, I collaborated with many teams to write the wireframes, followed by the rest of the site. I learned how to keep the tone consistent while tailoring it to the experience, how to create the right story to achieve the objectives of each page and the site overall, and how to edit and manage a project of this size.

Goodyear Racing Page

An example of some of the content I wrote to help balance the density of information throughout the site.

Support Our Troops Microsite

To raise money for the troops, my partner and I created the Boot Camp Challenge—NASCAR and NHRA members competed for the best time by running a tire obstacle course and people donated to their favorite contestant. All the money raised went to the troops. I wrote a microsite, a video script, plus pre- and post-race banners, emails, and social media.

Pre-Race Banner

Pre-Race Video Banner

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Post-Race Email